J&D_Packaging Labels_老奶奶檸檬蛋糕_特別色完稿(O)

#檸檬 #酸甜 #清香

首次與台灣知名甜點品牌【Le Ruban Pâtisserie 法朋烘焙甜點坊】攜手,一起將招牌老奶奶檸檬蛋糕經典的味道,變身成誘人的【老奶奶檸檬蛋糕啤酒】。釀造時全程使用台灣在地產檸檬,顆顆手工削皮榨汁,並使用特殊的釀造手法,將艾爾啤酒與檸檬的層次完美融合,重現老奶奶檸檬蛋糕的香氣與甜蜜感,酸甜清爽的滋味,順口過癮!

A dessert beer collboartion between Le Ruban Pâtisserie and Jim&Dad’s Brewing. in the spirit of Le Ruban’s eponymous cake, we still hand-peeled and juiced all the lemons used in this beer, just to preserve all that lemony, zesty aroma. Using lactose, for its combination of slight sweetness and creaminess.
This beer pairs great with a nice slice of lemon cake, but it‘s also a great thirst quencher, ice-cold on a hot summer day.

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