#金棗 #暖薑 #辛香 #清爽

這次橫跨半個台灣與南投的蔡氏釀酒 Tsai’s Actual Brewing一起攜手合作,使用宜蘭的金棗與南投的暖薑,由金棗帶出酸甜滋味融合暖薑的辛香口感,加上Saison酵母的特殊辛香風味,口感清爽、酒體平衡,在冷冷的冬天陪伴大家一起迎接新的一年。

A collaboration brew with Tsai’s Actual Brewing in Nantou.This saison is brewed with kumquats from our local farms, and ginger from Nantou. The kumquat accentuates the fruity notes of saison yeast, and the ginger brings out the spiciness of the yeast. A wonderful blend of flavors, and a perfect companion for Lunar New Year feasts!