#咖啡 #可可 #莓果

今年與宜蘭知名咖啡廳— 小揭商行 Coffee Street CO. 合作,咖啡豆採用日曬及水洗耶加雪菲調配,帶有輕柔花香、莓果、蜜糖感,再由紅棕色麥芽帶出焦糖、可可香氣,風味明亮、口感清爽,是一款適合夏天大口飲用的咖啡啤酒。

We work with local Yilan roasters to bring different flavors into our coffee beers.
This one uses sun-dried Yirga Chefe beans, which show cases more floral and berry-like aromas. The beer is an amber ale, as we find its signature caramel notes, blend well with the fruity nature of the coffee.

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